Friends FAQ


If you are already a member, please enter your Esprit Friends Card number ( or email address you registered with ) and the last 5 digits of your mobile. If you do not have a mobile number set up, please hit Forgot My Password and a new password will be emailed to you. It usually takes 1 working day to activate your membership account after you have registered online. You will receive you 10% Member discount on signing up as a new member. You can then log in to Esprit Friends account to check your orders, change your password or update your personal details. Should you have any problems with logging-in or registering online simply send an e-mail to Esprit Customer Service at You can also call Esprit Customer Service directly on: 1800 81 8139


THE ESPRIT FRIENDS CARD The Esprit Friends Card is a membership card for all those who enjoy shopping. The Esprit Friends Card can be used for any purchase in any Esprit Store including the Esprit online store. You will receive your Esprit Friends Card number on the spot as purchasing and signing up in store and 2 days after signing up online via edm or sms.
LOST YOUR ESPRIT FRIENDS CARD? That can happen. If you have lost your card, please report this directly to Customer Service at or contact us on 1800 81 8139.


GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT BONUS POINTS You earn a 10% bonus on every purchase you make in Retail stores or in our Esprit online store, plus a 3% bonus in an Outlet store. Just use your Esprit Friends Card at one of our stores (retail and outlets) and you will receive your bonus added to your account in the form of valuable bonus points. Collect 600 bonus points & you will receive a RM 60 voucher from us - it's that easy! Your bonus points are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Example: Your first purchase with the Esprit Friends Card was in July 2015. From then on you've been busy earning points. So your bonus points from July 2015 are still valid until July 2016. But your points from July 2015 already expire in August 2016. From then on we calculate your bonus points score backdated over the last 12 months, and so on. Bonus points voucher redemption: In the instance an e-voucher is used. Esprit Friends bonus points also able to earn with the portion of a transaction whereby an e-voucher is used as a payment method.Example: You purchase totals $500 and a $100 Esprit Friends e-voucher is used as a part payment method.Your bonus points will be earned on the entire purchase $500.
COLLECTING AND REDEEMING BONUS POINTS VOUCHERS As soon as you have your Esprit Friends Card, you can start collecting bonus points at any Esprit Store (retail and outlets). Once you've reached a balance of 600 bonus points, we'll automatically send you a voucher for RM 60. You can then redeem the voucher within the next 12 months at one of our participating stores. To redeem the bonus point voucher at the Esprit Online store, simply enter your bonus points voucher code on your voucher at checkout. You can also convert your voucher back to bonus points before redeeming in the Online store. This can be done at My Esprit / Convert my Voucher. For customers who join Esprit Friends through the Online store, once you reach the threshold of 300 or more bonus points, you will be able to automatically redeem the bonus points online. You will not receive a bonus point voucher.
RETURNS AND BONUS POINTS Want to return a purchase? Then simply show your Esprit Friends Card when doing so, and we'll update your bonus points balance accordingly. Should you forget your Esprit Friends Card when making a return, please show our check-out staff the till receipt for the article — in most stores your Esprit Friends Card number would have been noted when making the purchase. Returns to the Esprit Online shop will also result in a reversal of points earned to the value of the returned item as well as the reversal of any bonus points used to pay for the goods.



BONUS POINT VOUCHERS With the Esprit Friends Card you receive a 10% bonus on every purchase at an Esprit Retail Store or Online Store in the form of bonus points credited to your account. The bonus points on your account are valid for 12 months and the account balance is analysed once a month. Once your account shows a balance larger than 600 bonus points you will be issued a voucher for the equivalent amount — which will be sent to you via e-mail or SMS. It can then be offset to the full amount against your next purchase in a participating Esprit Store (retail/outlets). Cash payouts against the voucher are unfortunately not possible. When we send you a voucher, you will receive all bonus points accumulated up to the point of issue. Your voucher will always be issued to the maximum possible value of your e-points divisible by 10 — i.e. 600, 720, 730 etc. Your account will then be automatically reset to the residual value. Bonus Point vouchers can be redeemed online, simply enter the voucher code for e-shop at checkout. You can also go to Convert my Voucher in My Esprit to convert your voucher back to bonus points, then you can redeem at Step 4 of Checkout page. For customers who join Esprit Friends through the online store, once you reach the 300 or more bonus point threshold, you will be able to automatically redeem your bonus points online.
WELCOME VOUCHER Welcome vouchers can be redeemed either in store or online, except for Outlet. To redeem a voucher online simply enter the Online store voucher code at checkout. Vouchers are a one off, non refundable payment and not valid with other promotion/offer.


BONUS POINT VOUCHERS Vouchers are always produced at the beginning of each month and sent out at the middle of the month. The calculation is based on your actual purchasing dates — and not on the date of issue. Vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue. WELCOME VOUCHER Are valid for 2 months from issue date.


Click and collect order promotion valid till Apr 30, 2019 . Get the 20% off coupon code with Click & Collect orders. Coupon code will be sent to you one week after via SMS. Coupon code can be used once and applicable to all items in eshop for next purchase.

Not all styles or all offers are available in retail stores. In retail stores, returns or exchanges, stock checks, transfers and reservations are not available on sale items. Please refer to store staff for details. Esprit reserves the right to change promotion rules and withdraw the promotion at any time. In case of dispute, the decision of Esprit shall be final.


USE OF PERSONAL DATA All the data we receive from you will be used only for the smooth processing of your Esprit Friends Card transactions and only for Esprit's own advertising promotions. We adhere strictly to the data protection regulations.

Esprit Club Phone: 1800 81 8139 Email: Monday to Sunday 9am - 7pm.