Updating Your Details


Moved, married and changed your name? To update your details simply log into My Account and enter your new details in Update my Details. For written changes we need your Esprit Friends Card number and your signature. You can also hand in your changes in writing at one of our Esprit Retail Stores.


You can change your password quite simply in Update my details / Change Password after logging into My Esprit. First enter your current password — if you've never changed your password before, it will still be the last 5 digits of your mobile number. Then enter your new password in the box below it and then please repeat it as confirmation in the box provided for that purpose. Your password must be between 5 and 30 characters long and may not contain any of the following characters: [> < ' ]. Then click on the "Save" button to finish and confirm your entry.


As an Esprit Friend, you want to stay tuned with our special offers and offers by subscribing to our newsletters. You can easily update and change your personal details in our Esprit app to ensure all of our communications will be received. To find out more about the Esprit App, visit [here](https://www.esprit.com.hk/article/201810091a63bea5068742e3a0481a1c81b83f92)or simply download the app from AppStore for IOS or GooglePlay for Android.